Raffinerie Heide:

a greener future

Raffinerie Heide is moving forward

The company which is based in Hemmingstedt and Brunsbüttel is energising itself for a new, greener future. Our goal is to play an active contribution in the energy revolution and climate protection. We are focusing on the use of alternative resources and renewable energies in this.

We are exploring new horizons and expanding our perspectives with the establishment of new business areas, as our environment and climate protection are close to our heart.

Raffinerie Heide is driving the energy revolution

From a traditional oil refinery to a ‘green’ refinery: we want to explore new horizons and drive the energy revolution. The development of new energy fuels and the decarbonisation of heat, transport and industry are the new issues we are working on. As a traditional oil refinery, Raffinerie Heide ensures mobility and warm homes. We produce petrochemical products for industry and supply Hamburg Airport with jet fuel. We are now making preparations for a low-carbon future. For this, we count on our unique position in the heart of the North German wind energy hub.

We work with our partners on the use of renewable energies and on the production of ‘green’ hydrogen through electrolysis.


Location and infrastructure

our location is our advantage

Working on a greener future.

Our location in the heart of the North German wind energy hub makes this possible. We can utilise wind energy. Together with partners from all over Germany, we are already conducting research into their further use as well as into the production of ‘green’ hydrogen.

The new approach of Raffinerie Heide: from oil to hydrogen as a key storage medium for the new energy world. We can produce liquid fuels by combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide and we can temporarily store hydrogen during periods of low consumption.

Opportunity to store ‘green’ hydrogen

The green future of Raffinerie Heide: we will be able to store hydrogen at our site in the future. A hydrogen pipeline which has been connected to our site since 1964 along with a system of underground salt caverns will be approved and readied for this purpose.

Production of ‘green’ hydrogen

Raffinerie Heide is a partner and coordinator of the ‘WESTKÜSTE100’ (west coast 100) project. The aim of the project is to use renewable energy to produce hydrogen on an industrial scale and to bring about the decarbonisation of heat, transport and industry of approximately one million tonnes of CO2 per year. WESTKÜSTE100 is one of 20 projects which, in accordance with a decision by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is to become one of the first real-world laboratories for the energy revolution in Germany.

Production of synthetic kerosene

The new approach of Raffinerie Heide: to produce and supply synthetic kerosene for the aviation industry. As the principal supplier of jet fuel to Hamburg Airport, we already have the infrastructure in place. In Deutsche Lufthansa AG, we now have a new partner by our side.


Vision and goals

Raffinerie Heide is looking to reduce CO2 emissions

New horizons, new visions

with our transition to becoming a refinery of the future, we want to make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of heat, transport and industry.

In total, the WESTKÜSTE100 project aims to save approximately one million tonnes of CO2 per year.

WESTKÜSTE100 includes plans for the construction and operation of a 30-megawatt electrolysis plant and examination of the feasibility of subsequently expanding this to a 700-megawatt plant.

Decarbonisation of heat:

A nearby industrial estate is to be supplied with district heating. In the future, the hydrogen is to be fed into the domestic natural gas network.

Decarbonisation of transport:

The use of hydrogen for the production of synthetic kerosene on an industrial scale is planned. Our involvement in the KEROSyN100 research and development project enables the production of ‘clean’ jet fuel (kerosene) from hydrogen generated through electrolysis.

Decarbonisation of industry:

Raffinerie Heide will itself be a key customer for the hydrogen produced, which sets out to replace gas as a base material. Using the oxygen produced in the electrolysis process, ‘clean’ CO2 separation can be achieved in a nearby cement plant.



and synergies

The greener future of Raffinerie Heide has already begun

As an innovative, responsible company, we are already taking a significant step towards a ‘greener future’. We utilise important synergies in the collaboration with our partners from industry and science. Together, we want to establish and consolidate northern Germany as the leading region with complete value creation from ‘green’ hydrogen.

Raffinerie Heide reports its first successes

We have acquired a partner in Deutsche Lufthansa AG who will use this sustainable, alternative fuel. In February 2019, we signed a memorandum of understanding with Lufthansa, based on the objective that synthetic kerosene that will be produced in Raffinerie Heide will be delivered and used at Hamburg Airport.

Raffinerie Heide is looking to strengthen Germany as a technological and business location and to invest significantly and with complete conviction in research and production of these environmentally friendly fuels.

Cross-industry partnership and collaborations of Raffinerie Heide

In project WESTKÜSTE100, we are part of a cross-industry collaboration with our partners Hynamics Deutschland, Ørsted Deutschland, Holcim Deutschland, OGE, Stadtwerke Heide, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Entwicklungsagentur Region Heide and Westküste University of Applied Sciences. The aim of WESTKÜSTE100 is to use renewable energy to produce hydrogen on an industrial scale and to bring about the decarbonisation of heat, transport and industry of approximately one million tonnes of CO2 per year.

In project KEROSyN100, we have partnerships with the University of Bremen, TU Bergakademie Freiberg – University of Resources, Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH, SKL Engineering & Contracting and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The aim of the project is to develop and produce environmentally friendly, synthetic kerosene using wind energy.





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